Throwback 2020

When face-to-face social interaction had become forbidden, Ed Watch took the initiative to bring people together virtually by providing the latest information and insights needed to develop skills for the challenges in times ahead.

Let us have a look at some of the honorable mentions of 2020:

Unlock the Best version of yourself

Keeping to its promise of complete personality development, Ed Watch conducted its first live session online in May 2020. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on a person’s mental health and strategies to cope with stressors were discussed. It was a bilingual session in English & Urdu. The session was hosted by the founder of Ed Watch, Ms. Sana Quadri and animated by top coaches and consultants, namely, Ms. Farhana Mirza, fitness expert from “24 hour Fitness” & “LA fitness studio”, Dr. Alina Rashid, NLP practitioner from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMH), and Ms. Asia Ashraf, national trainer for UNODC.

Watch the recorded video here.

Stress Management Program

Ed Watch also developed a Stress Management Program, which was conducted for a group of employees of a corporate client. It is a three step approach specially designed to help people to alleviate underlying stress by identifying and addressing the root cause of the problem. The program consists of an individual assessment, that is, an online test and an online consulting session with our clinical psychologist. Then, a series of workshops is arranged for the group, as well as fitness classes. The program also allows an opportunity to follow up with the psychologist after the end of the workshops. The primary language of the program is English but it can be conducted in other languages including Arabic, Bahasa, Urdu and Mandarin.

Find out more information or register your interest here.

Global Credit Risk & IFRS9 Impact in the wake of COVID19:

Another insightful event for the professionals in the fields of risk, finance & accounting, and internal auditing was conducted by Syed Faraz Anwer, Senior Partner – Risk Consulting, PwC Pakistan. It created a lot of buzz and was attended by exciting audience actively participating in the Q&A session. The event was conducted in English.

Watch the recorded video here.

MS Excel: Tips & Tricks for Pro’s

This certification course on Microsoft Excel turned out to be a grand success! Team Ed Watch was overwhelmed by the registration of over 400 participants in just one week’s time. The training session lasted a little over an hour and saw attendance from over 24 countries with an average viewership time of 65 minutes.

Watch the recorded clip here.

Positive Things are happening

In this live session, our Coach from Indonesia, Ana Diana helped the audience acknowledge the positivity in the apparently negative aspects of life during the lockdown due to COVID-19. The session was bilingual, in English and Bahasa languages.

Watch the recorded clip in Bahasa here.

Life beyond Social Barriers

Our male and female guest speakers joined in another live session to discuss social barriers that every gender faces in society. We talked about various stereotypes about working women and typical expectations of the role of a man. The session went live on both our YouTube and Facebook channels.

Watch the video excerpt here.

Impact of Digitalization on Financial Practices

The year ended with a cherry on the top. Ed Watch organized a webinar for members of ICAP based in Saudi Arabia in coordination with the representatives of ICAP (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan). The CPD course covered the latest technologies shaping global financial practices and to equip oneself to compete adequately. A modular version of the course is also available on our Learning Management System (LMS) for members in KSA.

Watch the video excerpt here.

We hope you enjoyed these sessions in 2020. You can review the clips in the links above and visit our YouTube channel to watch our complete programs. For exclusive content not available to the public on our YouTube channel, please feel free to request a video link by emailing at contact@

Editor’s Picks

Our team of bloggers is constantly working to educate and spread awareness on various subjects, put forward a message of positivity and help people learn new skills. In addition to our English and Urdu articles, we also published a blog in Arabic language in 2020. Some of our editor’s picks are:

You can find the complete list of our blogs here.

Have a wonderful year ahead!

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