Course Intro:

Are You Wondering How To Adopt Climate Change Policy In Your Organization? Or Are You Still Preparing For The Big Change Coming?

Whether Your Preparations For A Sustainable Organization Are In Full Swing Or You’re Still Trying To Figure Out The First Few Steps, We Have The Tools To Help You Excel!

Course Coverage:

The objective is to provide training that is beyond general knowledge and is in fact relevant to the Business and the teams involved. The program covers the following:

  1. How we define sustainability and why it’s a global trend?
  2. Main climate and social related global issues based on newest data (UNEP, UNFCCC, IPCC)
  3. What does it mean by SDG and how can it be a roadmap to sustainability?
  4. Business models based on sustainable development.
  5. Main climate and social risks – how to be more resilient?
  6. Are shareholders the drivers of sustainable future?
  7. Greening of products and Services without risking a greenwashing.
  8. Important terms and first steps with: energy efficiency, circular economy, environmental & carbon footprint, climate innovations.

Credit Hours

8 Hours

Delivery Channel

Recorded session available on LMS
Live Q&A


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Beginner to Expert

  • Senior Management
  • Sustainability Executives
  • All ESG Enthusiasts

Date and Time:

  • Either 7th August 10am. to 6pm (GMT+5)


At the end of each Program we carry out a survey to ensure our participants receive the best of our services.


Participants will receive a successful course completion certificate subject to completion of post training quiz and assignment. 


Michal Purol is the “Climate Ambassador” in Max Thabiso Edkins Program by GYCN and the World Bank. Currently working for UNEP/GRID-Warsaw (United Nation Environmental Program/ Global Resource Information Database), he is coordinating the biggest polish climate-related program “Climate Leadership” that combines knowledge of more than 130 experts of different business educational institutions.  Fortunate to have worked with businesses within industries; finance, insurance, HORECA, Pharmaceutical, Recycling, Automotive and many more with companies including; McDonald’s, Danone, TetraPak, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, Santander, Signify, Samsung, BASF, Hutchinson.  Michal brings with him International impact management & transformation experience.