full stack web development certification course

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Course Intro:

Our comprehensive full stack web development course offers a 6-month journey into the world of full stack web development. The front-end web development course focuses on c#, angular/typescript, and dot net core equipping participants with a strong foundation in both front-end and back-end development. The full stack web development certification course culminates in a final project where students will deploy a dot net core/angular application using azure cloud services.

Course Coverage

Introduction to Programming

  • Introduction to C# programming
  • Overview of the C# language
  • Installing and setting up the development environment
  • Creating and running a simple "Hello, World!" program
  • Comments in C#


Variables and Data Types

  • Introduction to variables and their use in programs
  • Data types in C#
  • Declaring variables
  • Assigning values
  • Type Casting
  • Using DateTime/TimeSpan


Control Structures

  • Conditional statements: if, else if, and else
  • Loops: for, while, and do-while
  • Switch Statements


Operators in C#

  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators



  • Arrays and their use in programs
  • Creating and initializing arrays
  • Accessing and modifying array elements
  • Arrays in loops


Exception Handling

  • Handling errors and exceptions in programs
  • Try-catch blocks



  • Defining and calling methods
  • Parameters and arguments
  • Returning values from methods


Object-Oriented Programming

  • Introduction to object-oriented programming concepts
  • Creating and using Classes/Objects
  • Defining Fields
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Access Modifiers
  • Properties and Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract Classes
  • Interface
  • Enums

Front End Web Development with Angular/TypeScript

  • What is Angular?
  • Why Choose Angular?
  • Setting up Angular
  • Installing Angular
  • Angular Application Structure
  • Root files
  • Angular.json
  • Package.json
  • Tsconfig.json
  • Source folder
  • Introduction to TypeScript
  • TypeScript features
  • Types in TypeScript
  • TypeScript classes, interfaces, and inheritance
  • Angular Modules, Components, and Routing
  • Angular Forms
  • Angular Material (Covers all essential elements)

Front-End Back-End Interaction

Full Stack Approach

  • What is Multi Page Application
  • What is a Single Page Application
  • What is the Full Stack

Dot Net Core Back End

  • Configuration Files
  • Program.cs
  • appsetting.json
  • Controllers
  • Introducing OpenAPI (Swagger)

Data Modeling with Entity Framework Core

  • Introduction to Entity Framework Core
  • Installing Entity Framework Core
  • Model First Approach
  • Code First Approach
  • Installing MS SQL SERVER
  • Running MS SQL Server Instance
  • Setting Up DbContext
  • Creating Database with Code First Approach
  • Adding Initial Migration
  • Update Database

Implement CRUD operations Using Angular/Dot Net Core

Authentication and Authorization

Final Project

  • Deploy Dot Net Core/Angular Application(require Azure cloud Account)


Tools Requirement

  • Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition
  • Dot Net 6 SDK
  • Node.js
  • Angular 14
  • SQL SERVER Express Edition
  • AZURE Account (optional)
  • VS Code (optional)

Credit Hours

- 1.5 hours a day 2 – 3 days a week

Delivery Channel

- Online cohort
- Recorded sessions available 24/7 on LMS


August 2023


Certificate Program


Beginner to Expert

Duration & Delivery:

  • 6 months – starting in August 2023
  • 1.5 hours a day 2 – 3 days a week


  • Anyone interest in Full Stack Development


At the end of each program we carry out a survey to ensure our participants receive the best of our services.


Participants will receive a successful course completion certificate. 


Mr. Muhammad khubbab is a senior scrum master & solutions architect.  He is an agile certified practitioner – PMI USA, and AWS certified solutions architect associate – Amazon. His diverse portfolio of domains includes digital signage interactive apps, computer vision and deep learning, health care systems, enterprise web apps, mobile apps, indoor wayfinding apps and enterprise security. With years of professional experience, he has successfully managed to train team members as well as delivered many SaaS-based training. His key skills are scrum, Kanban, Jira, digital transformation, cloud architecture, cloud security, technical business analysis, application modernization, conflict resolution, and coaching and mentoring on agile practices. He is currently a senior project manager at intalego systems, which is an it software development company headquartered in the UK.

Mr. Muhammad Omer is an MBA from the Dalian university of technology. he is a project manager with 10 years of experience in technology & engineering projects. A certified PMP and PRINCE2, he has excellent communication and negotiation skills to support technical sales and marketing. With a vast knowledge of business analysis and industrial/technical process analysis, Mr. Omer is also an expert in technical writing. He is proficient in cross-functional departments from electronics, telecom, embedded systems, and mechatronics product development. He has also worked in supply chain management. He possesses multiple certifications and licenses including ITILv4, Business Strategy Management, Marketing in Digital World, etc. He is currently  IT Project manager & agile Lead at China soft International where he is  managing the largest bank in Europe