Power of Attraction

Power of Attraction

Let us play the game of “I spy”. So, I spy with my little eye, something that is … blue.

Now look around the room and count all the blue things that you can find. In this very random moment, you are going to realise that there are some things in blue colour, the existence of which you never noticed before.

Now imagine that you buy a new car. It’s not the latest model but it is still the new car that you have bought. So you take it out on it’s first drive. You would probably notice now, many cars of the same model or colour as yours on the road.

So why is it that the things that you generally tend to ignore become noticeable when mentioned or pointed out? A very simplistic answer could be that you’ve never really wanted to see them as much as in this particular moment. Ruling out the ideas that everyone started placing more blue items in their rooms or buying the same model of car, the only possibility that makes rational sense is that your mind is so focused on the idea of the colour blue or the car that you just bought that it is looking for more things that are similar.

Considering these examples and the manner in which focusing on a certain thing works, why not make it an element of our progress?

Progress through Focusing?

The idea that you attract what you believe might seem a little unrealistic to many but keeping in mind the above examples, it is quite plausible. When focusing on something as simple as a colour or an object makes you notice more of it, it is also possible that you could apply this as a strategy to achieve your goals in life. How this works is that when you keep focusing on a certain goal in life or zooming in on a certain idea, you train your mind to observe with a certain filter on.

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Does it really exist though? 

Some might suspect that this “law of attraction” is a mere hypothesis and perhaps, too idealistic. They might argue that, for things as insignificant as colours or objects, this law of attraction may even be true but for abstract ideas such as goals and overall life, fate would probably have more control.

Yes, it might. Although fate plays a huge role in life, the will to progress and move forward determines the direction in which fate steers it. Years of research in organisational behaviour and performance have concluded that goals should be specific. Vague or ill-defined goals could even have an adverse effect on progress. If that happens, it may feel like the whole concept of the law of attraction is nothing but a myth while, in reality, it was only a problem of lacking clarity at the time of setting-off on the journey to accomplish one’s goals.

It is also true that you control your own vibe. If you surround yourself with darkness, you would not be able to radiate light either, in the given surroundings. For all you know, your positive energy might even get absorbed in all the negativity that you are surrounded with.

While your surroundings may have an effect on you, it is you who has control over them and therefore, you have the power to achieve what you focus on and bring about the changes that you wish to see. The law of attraction simply translates to “thoughts become action and action gives you results”.  You shape your way through life by controlling things you want to focus on and eliminating things you don’t need.

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Now, if the world really works on this “law of attraction”, how could slight differences in the manner of thinking have a negative effect on progress?

The answer to this is simple. If, for example, while at your workplace, you have to ensure that you avoid a certain mistake. It is quite possible that your mind will be so focused on not making that particular mistake that you will not even actively think about the satisfactory completion of your job. That way, you will be focusing on “not doing bad”, rather than doing well, which could affect your performance.

All in all, defining clear goals, believing in yourself and in the law of attraction can, not just in theory, but also practically change your outlook on life and the world, and it would lead you to unprecedented success in whatever you choose to do!

Ms. Areeba Ahmad is a student of Architecture at NED University, Karachi. She has been an editor for her college magazine and also directed various plays and skits in school and college. She believes “Art is a form of leisure and often exhibits it on her writings”.


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