Introduction to ESG Reporting

Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) reporting has become increasingly important in recent years, especially for businesses whose major sales comprise exports. This is because customers, investors and regulators are demanding more transparency and responsibility from businesses. Hence, there is now more demand for ESG reporting, which enables businesses to share their performance and the impact of their business on the environment and the community.

Ed-Watch is thrilled to be hosting an informative live event on ESG reporting for businesses trying to comprehend the significance of ESG reporting and how it might affect their operations. The session will cover reporting landscape, outlining its essential elements, and the time frame for implementation. 

Session Coverage:

The online event is open for public free of cost. The session will briefly discuss the following, followed by a Q&A session from the audience:
  1. Introduction to mandatory disclosure requirements
  2. ESG Reporting Landscape
  3. Updated Global ESG Reporting Landscape Standards and their requirements
  4. Sustainability and ESG Reporting Frameworks including,
  • ISSB
  • GRI
  • TCFD
  • SASB

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Profile of Expert:

Fauzia Safdar Khan: Ms. Fauzia is an experienced ESG, finance and sustainability consultant with over ten years of progressive professional experience in business advisory and financial risk management. She has demonstrated leadership and professional abilities to develop and execute strategic plans, lead complex projects, and make representations to key stakeholders. Ms. Fauzia is passionate about using business as a force for good sustainable practices within the public and private sector.
She is a certified TCFD professional, a certified Carbon literate, a fellow chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) and an associate chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountant of England and Wales (ICAEW).

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