Depression, Anxiety and Stress


Mental health problem is a growing concern for the world. Where the social media has on one hand given people a bigger social network but at the same time it has taken away that one friend a person could count on in the time of need and talk his heart out to. This has plunged us all in a black hole of emptiness with the coming generation at an even bigger risk to be affected badly. 

According to WHO one person commits suicide every 40 seconds. Depression is one of the leading causes of disability and Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. Depression and anxiety problems impact a person’s relationships, his performance at work and cost global economy US$ 1 trillion each year. These are pre-Covid19 figures.

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The current scenario of Covid-19 outbreak is expected to have frightening impact on the human behavior. With the percentage of total number of patients and deaths growing every now and then, people losing their jobs and the TV channels and social sites bursting with the agony of the virus, now is the high time to nip this situation in the bud and help ourselves and the people around us get out of the negativity surrounding and get the hopes back.

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Understand us our objective


Our two step assessment includes online questionnaire followed by a one to one consultation with our Clinical Psychologist.

The online questionnaire helps us identify the early signs of condition while the one-to-one consultation helps the Consultant understand the condition on a deeper level.


Our detailed report is shared within 5 working days and includes:

  1. Whether and if there’s any, which condition is found, what is the intensity of the condition, whether it is an emergency and whether a psychologist follow up is needed or a psychiatrist should help
  2. Possible reasons behind the condition
  3. Therapies that should help
  4. Recommended lifestyle changes
  5. Recommended workshops
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Where a follow up is needed customer is requested to sign-up to our monthly services where you’re assigned a Clinical psychologist who is responsible for your health and wellness needs.

A detailed Assessment is carried out every three months to monitor the condition. You may choose not to subscribe to our follow-up services.


Our online Questionnaire is free of charge, while you need to pay US$ 100 for the one-to-one consultation and the report

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