Advance Visualization and Dashboards Design with MS Excel

Course Intro:

This course is designed to take your data Visualization skills to next level using MS excel. It is not a beginner level course, thus it is expected that you are already familiar with the basics of Excel and does not cover other areas in details (such as Macros, data analytics, formulas ETC).

The objective of this course is to provide a detailed step by step guide to all the available charts and how to implement them in your dashboard effectively, furthermore this course then takes a more advanced approach to the demonstrate a number of tips and tricks to end telling capabilities.

While this course focuses mainly on creating impactful engaging, dynamics and interactive data visualization using charts and graphs, we will provide a comprehensive framework to handle dashboards projects and practice quite a bit on diversified case studies.

Course Coverage:

  1. Excel Charts and Graphs Customization
  2. Mastering Basic Charts and Graphs
  3. Advance Charts and Graphs in Excel 
  4. Introduction to Visualization and Dashboard Best Practices
  • CS1: Toy Store Chain Sales Data
  • CS2: Hotel Group Booking Data
  • CS3: US Labor Statistics

Credit Hours

18 Hours

Delivery Channel



5, 6 & 7 September 2022


Certificate Program


Beginner to Expert

bi - ed-watch

Date & Time:

  • 18 hours course, 6-8 weeks long
  • 2 classes of 1 and a half hours per week
  • Recorded sessions available 24/7 on the LMS uploaded within 24 hours of the class
  • Online support during business hours available


  • Working professionals from various field such as Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing, HR, Sales, Any Other Profession.
  • Freelancers looking to master Excel based visualization skills to improvise their earning potential.


Participants will receive a successful course completion certificate. 


Jawad Nagda:
An expert level Management Accountant (17+ years) turned Data Analyst (5+ years) having developed core competencies in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Controlling, Audit, Planning, and Analysis, He helps corporations attain Finance/Digital Transformation, Revenue Maximization, Cost Minimization, and Effective Capital Utilization through leveraging Analytics Business Partnering. Some of the companies whose professionals He has trained include:

  1. Power Cement Limited ( Cash Flow Forecasting) 
  2. Rech International ( Enterprise BI)
  3. Asia World Logistics ( MIS)
  4. Chase Value (Advanced Excel Analytics)
  5. ath GADLANG (MS Power BI)