Life beyond invisible social barriers

Are you overwhelmed by social responsibilities imposed on you?

Are you having difficulty in maintaining a balanced work-life?

Are you stressing over keeping others happy by being socially appropriate?

If your responses to the above are affirmative then come and learn how to BREAK FREE in our upcoming live session!

 - ed-watch

Society expects us to follow certain norms as we grow older. We have all been there! If left unchecked, these false expectations become invisible barriers between ourselves, and our well-being and our personal development.

Unveiling the dilemma between societal expectations and the reality, Ed-Watch is coming up with a live stream session to address the false norms our society has been living with for decades. People are considered to be super humans and compared with unrealistic standards all the time. In this session, a Man and a Woman will discuss these expectations and how they are coping them.

 - ed-watch

Come join us this Saturday October 31, 2020 at 6:30PM (GMT+5) to identify, break down and deal with the pressures placed on us by rigid social expectations and forced cultural norms.

 - ed-watch

Listen to our speakers, Samreen Shamsher and Umer Farooqi as they recount how they once struggled like us, and are now trying successfully to overcome such difficulties in their lives.

Let us help you in navigating your own stress!

Join us live on Youtube and Facebook

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