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Fitness Classes


  • Light Aerobics
  • Mix Exercises

Beginner to Intermediate

Participant Engagement:

Trainer answers your questions 15 minutes each day and helps with your queries online.


It is a 1 hour session, 8AM (GMT-5) / 6PM (GMT+5)

Three days a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Start Date:

The classes start on April 5, 2021.


We carry out a monthly survey to ensure our participants receive the best of our services.


Our Trainer Nazia Aslam is a fitness expert with major experience in functional training. Nazia’s passion for fitness introduced her to training at an early age. She took her love for fitness and decided to make it her career in 2014. Her goal is to motivate, inspire and educate others about the benefits of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. With patience and persistence anyone can achieve realistic goals including improved self-esteem, higher confidence level and a body shape that you dream of. She is currently associated with State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for their gym and provides online training at Ed Watch.


Monthly subscription of US$35